Priorities USA

Priorities USA uses digital advertising to persuade and mobilize voters to help elect progressive candidates in targeted races. As a Senior Designer at this super PAC during the 2018 midterm elections, I led brand creation and execution for a pod of states including Arizona (Senate), Maine (Governor), Missouri (Senate) and Nevada (Governor), in addition to several other projects. I created unique brand style guides for each race based on the candidate, messaging and target audience. Beginning with early definition messaging, I created digital advertisements throughout persuasion and motivation tracks. These batches included display banners, mobile ads, statics, GIFs, carousels, canvases and landing pages. The branding was also carried across video and pre-roll production. In addition to creating digital ads, I managed the production for my campaigns and provided feedback and approval to other designers. These digital advertising campaigns informed, influenced and motivated voters across the country to elect progressives who will fight for their priorities.

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