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A brand is a promise. Whether the brand is a political candidate or a retail chain, people have expectations and emotional responses to brands. I help brands fulfill their mission and promise through design. From creating campaign logos and visual identity guides, to rebranding organizations, I apply the principles and aesthetic of advertising to politics and create winning campaigns for candidates and advocates.

I specialize in consistency through design across every medium and touchpoint because I believe that creates the strongest brand identity. When someone attends a protest and they are handed a purple NARAL Pro-Choice America sign with a simple message, that same emotional response should carry when they go to NARAL’s website and learn about the organization’s issues and then follow NARAL on Facebook. If they sign up to volunteer, they will get an organizing guide and collateral that embodies NARAL’s mission and instantly reminds them of the cause they are fighting for. And when they become a member and proudly wear a purple NARAL t-shirt, they will have embraced NARAL’s values and promise and included NARAL as part of their personal identity.

That is the power of design. NARAL’s purples are not just RGB and CMYK values; they represent almost 50 years of the fight for reproductive freedom.

In addition to working with organizations like NARAL and Victory Fund, I also create custom logos and visual identity guides for campaigns. I design materials that represent the candidate and also speak to their message and constituency. Whether it be for New Mexico’s senior senator, a congressional challenger in Alaska, or an upstart governor’s race in Connecticut, I design and elevate branding for any campaign.

Now more than ever, it’s critical that campaigns and organizations elevate their presentation to impart a lasting, authentic impact on their audiences. Whether it’s for donors, members or voters, strong creative provides the most effective vessel for any message that has a hope to win on election day. With years of experience working on campaigns, consulting for organizations or creatively directing branding, I help my clients build their impact and win campaigns because I carry their brand’s promise throughout my designs.

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